Specialized Elderly Homes: Create a Tailored Care Environment for the Elderly

This article is written from a Swedish perspective. Hopefully, it can inspire those interested from other countries.

Profiled residences are becoming increasingly common. The most common might be language residences with a profile towards Finnish-speaking residents, but it is possible to create many other profiles. Taking advantage of one's strengths and making something good out of it provides clarity for the elderly when they are moving to a nursing home. There are healthcare companies that make profiling their hallmark. Are you making the most of your strengths in the best way possible? Specialized nursing homes offer unique and tailor-made care for the elderly, where different profiles and orientations create a meaningful and enriching existence.

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Specialized Nursing Homes: Tailored Care for Diverse Needs

Many nursing homes design a special focus based on the specific conditions of that residence. There are language residences for Finnish-, Persian-, Spanish- or Arabic-speaking employees. Some residences are focused on spa, gym, culture, dance, song, existential questions and more. Perhaps a residence with a hotel feel or where daily walks are included in the residence's quality guarantee is desired.

The nursing home may be co-located with a shopping center or a swimming pool, which becomes part of the profile. Others focus on environmental profile, KRAV-labeled food, nature or health. Many nursing homes regularly receive visits from our care, therapy, and visitation dogs. In other nursing homes there are aquariums, cats, and chickens.

In municipalities where there is competition for placements, the market creates a pressure for profiling. There is nothing to prevent a residence from profiling itself without market pressure. There may be natural conditions that if utilized increase the quality of the operation and the sense of pride among those who work.

Specialized nursing homes offer tailored care and social services that are adapted to the specific needs and interests of the elderly. By focusing on various profiles or orientations, these residences can offer a more individualized and meaningful environment for their residents.

Examples of Specializations:

Cultural Profile

Culturally Enriched Environments: In nursing homes with a cultural profile, art, music, theater and other cultural activities are integrated into everyday life to stimulate both creativity and memories of the residents.

Sport and Activity Profile

Activity-Driven Programs: Here, various forms of physical activity and sports are offered, adapted to the needs and physical abilities of the elderly, to promote health and well-being.

Nature Profile

Nature-Close Environments: These residences are surrounded by greenery and nature, which provides a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Activities such as gardening and nature walks are encouraged to promote the well-being of the residents.

There are also nursing homes that profile themselves around some form of specialization such as Parkinson's disease.

By offering specialized nursing homes, one can create a more meaningful and enriching existence for the elderly, where their individual needs and interests are taken into account and affirmed.

Reflection Questions - Profile Residences
Care Staff:
- What do you do in your unit to utilize your strengths?
- Are there spaces in the house that are poorly used?
- Is there expertise in the staff that is poorly utilized?
- How do you view a colleague initiating a new activity?
- Does the Law of Jante prevail or do you support each other's development thoughts?

Manager, Nurse, Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist:
- What can you do to utilize your strengths for the benefit of the residents?
- Is there room for spontaneity?
- Do you try new ways of working?
- Have you done any analysis of how you could profile your residence?

Residents and Relatives:
- Does your residence have a profile?
- Do you have wishes for them to profile themselves?
- If so, which profile would be suitable/desirable?

Erland Olsson
Specialist Nurse
Better care every day

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