What can you do to make your accommodation attractive to someone who is going to move in?

This article is written from a Swedish perspective. Hopefully, it can inspire those interested from other countries.

Moving to a retirement home is a major decision. For many, it involves both worry and sorrow. Therefore, receiving good information is of great importance. In an increasing number of municipalities, the elderly are offered a choice between different accommodations. Activities, overnight apartments or a special focus may be what tips the scales in favor of your living situation.

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Where can I find information about nursing homes

Seniorval has developed excellent material for those who have been granted a decision for nursing home care and are about to move in. Especially in large cities, we are in a situation where nursing homes compete for tenants who want to move in. There is a surplus of places, which gives the individual choices. What is happening in Stockholm today will happen in the rest of the country within a few years. This also means that the accommodation only gets paid for the places that are occupied. With empty places, the operation risks having to cut costs. In the worst case, the nursing home may end up in a vicious spiral with poor finances and a bad reputation.

Those who are going to move in search for websites to get an idea of what different nursing homes have to offer. Perhaps they call to get more information.
- What type of nursing home is it? Do you have any special themes like garden, studio, sports and SPA or language orientation? Do you have any specialist competences such as Parkinson's disease or stroke? Is there a nurse with special competence in dementia care?
- What employees do you have and what competences are available and how the accommodation works with contact person and implementation plan.
- What does the social life in the house look like and what is the range of activities. How do you work with participation and influence for residents and relatives.
- How is food and drink served. Are there choices
- Where is the food cooked. Is there a common dining room for the entire accommodation?
- Is there a kitchenette in the room for those who want to cook food or have a snack for themselves. How big is the room.
- Are there special activities or forums that also target relatives.
- What is in the room when someone moves in?
- What is included in rent and fees?
- That there is access to a nurse around the clock
- How it works with doctors
- Do you offer any additional services
- Do you have volunteers or others who come and visit the nursing home
- Are there guest rooms for relatives who live far away
Perhaps you can present the accommodation and the apartments with a video on the website.

Relatives are often very involved in a move to a nursing home as the elderly person is often in quite poor condition. Get help from your relatives to arrange for you in your new home.
Just like for the elderly person moving, it is important that the relatives have a good cooperation with the staff at the nursing home. Be open and ask questions? If something does not feel right, you should bring it up.
However, it is always important as a relative to remember that it is the will of the elderly that governs. It can be a difficult balancing act.

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Vad händer vid inflyttning på äldreboende
Utformning av äldreboende
Att söka äldreboende
Seniorval has a very comprehensive checklist that can be a support for those who are going to move in and their relatives: https://seniorval.se/tips-och-guide/checklista-aldreboende

Reflection questions - information in connection with moving into a nursing home
Care staff:
- In what way can you help create a good reputation for the operation so that many want to move to you?
- How do you make someone who comes and looks at an apartment feel comfortable and welcome?  

Manager, nurse, occupational therapist and physiotherapist:
- How do you meet and inform those who want to move to a nursing home about what you offer?
- Do you have brochures that you can easily email to those who ask?
- The person moving in may have chosen you in second or third hand.
- How do you work to ensure that the resident and their relatives want to keep the place with you?

Residents and relatives:
- Is the list of any use?
- Are you missing any aspects that should have been included?  

Erland Olsson
Specialist nurse
Better care every day

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