Are your health plans a good support for the care staff?

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Health plans in nursing homes are an important part of elderly care that promotes person-centered care and well-being. By involving the older person in the planning process and adapting care measures to their specific needs and goals, nursing homes can create an environment where each individual receives the care and support they deserve. Health plans are a powerful tool for improving the quality of life of older people and promoting their health and well-being.

To promote person-centred care and thus the resident's well-being

Elderly homes are places where older people live, receive care and support to ensure their well-being and health. In order to create tailored and efficient care for each resident, the use of health plans is an important component in elderly care.

What is a Health Plan?

A health plan is a written plan drawn up in consultation with the older person and their care team. The plan includes goals and actions specific to the individual's needs and goals to maintain or improve their health and well-being. The health plan is continuously adapted based on changes in the elderly person's state of health and wishes.

What Does a Health Plan Include?

Goals and purpose The health plan should clearly define the goals and purposes that the older person wants to achieve. It can be anything from improving physical health, managing medication or increasing social interaction.
Current health status The plan should include a description of the elderly person's current health status, including any medical diagnoses and medication.
Measures The plan must list the specific measures and strategies to be used to achieve the set goals. It may include doctor visits, medication management, diet and physical activity as well as other rehabilitation efforts.
Responsibilities and roles The health plan should clarify who is responsible for implementing the various measures. It includes the older person themselves, healthcare professionals, doctors and other caregivers.
Evaluation and follow-up An important part of the health plan is evaluation and follow-up. It must state how and when the plan is to be evaluated to ensure that it is effective and if it needs to be adapted.

Advantages of Health Plans

Person-centered care Health plans focus on the individual's unique needs and goals. It provides person-centred care that takes into account the person's wishes and preferences.
Continuity and communication A health plan promotes continuity of care by ensuring that all care providers have access to information about the individual's health condition and care needs. It also improves communication between the care team.
Participation By including the older person in the planning process, health plans give them a sense of control and participation in their own care.
Effective care Health plans help set clear goals and strategies for managing health problems and maintaining well-being, which can lead to better outcomes and quality of care.

The basis of the health plan

The health plan is based on good contact being created with care recipients and their relatives. The care recipient/person must experience their existence as meaningful and the interventions and care environment made more personal. Increased security gives increased trust and reduced anxiety. Initiative and the sense of independence are strengthened. It is about dignity, willingness, trust and reciprocity in the creation of the health plan. It is a partnership where the resident is one of the experts in the room.

It is possible to slow down a negative development for the elderly if you treat each care recipient as a unique individual. To do that, overall assessments of the individual's conditions and well-planned teamwork are needed. The goal must be intensive preventive work to preserve the health of the patient. The healthcare staff must promote health and prevent illness and make use of the individual's vitality. The elderly must be treated with respect for their person and as a partner and equal. All communication must take place in dialogue with the elderly and relatives.

Plans in interaction

The health plan and the implementation plan must be a support for creating a well-functioning everyday life for the resident. For that to happen, the business needs to have a uniform way of working with the development and updating of plans.

Care staff
- What do you do to ensure that communication works with your nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists?
- Do you feel that you have good support from the health plans that are drawn up?

Manager, nurse, occupational therapist and physiotherapist:
- What do you do to ensure that the health plans are a good support for the assistant nurses in their work?
- Does the over-reporting between the professions work? Are your prescriptions being followed? Do you live up to the requirements for person-centred care above?
- How can the individual contribute to maintaining or improving their health?

Resident and next of kin:
- Are there health plans?
- Have you been able to participate in discussing its content?
- Does the business provide person-centred care?

Erland Olsson
Head nurse
Better care - every day

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